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can we just talk about how this always ends up happening somehow


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Not really feelin this whole school college work until I die thing

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INFJ Confession #922


I don’t know how to ease into things— once I realize I could love you, or that we could love each other, I’m all in. So I end up spending a lot of time staving off intense feelings, since they SEEM disproportionate relative to how little time the other person and I have spent together, and people…

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Dissatisfaction. Uneasiness. A constant state of dysphoria. Neither happy, nor sad, just unvarying anxiety. About what you might ask. Well, nothing in particular. It’s quaint really, the thought of being trapped in your skin, forsaken in your mind, and uninhabited in your heart. Nothingness consumes your being in a yearning for a remedy but a remedy is what we cannot a find and that remedy is happiness evadingcomplexity (via wnq-writers)

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Words of Emotion
I feel such a tenderness for these vulnerable nighttime conversations, the way words take a different shape in the air when there’s no light in the room. I think of the rare jackpot nights when I ended the day at a sleepover or sharing the room with a sibling or a friend I genuinely liked. Those conversations could trick me into believing I could say anything, even though there was so much I was holding back. Eventually the night would take its hold, but it would always feel like I was fading to sleep rather than falling. David Levithan, Every Day (via trashybooksforladies)
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